MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014

CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Pro Tem Sarah Walen called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

Board Members present: Richard Caldwell, Claudia Cupp, Christian Frey, Michael Frey and Brady Becker. Mayor Lee Berenato was absent. There were also 14 present in the audience. (sign in sheet attached).

Sarah Walen intoduced and welcomed Tammy Sanford who was hired by the Board as the Town Clerk and bookkeeper.

Agenda Approval: Colorado Forest Service Cooperator Resource Rate Form to be added as item 4 on the agenda, Christian Frey made motion to approve the agenda as amended, Richard Caldwell seconded the motion which passed 5-0-0.

Bill Payment/Financial Review: Town Clerk is consulting with Cindy Condon and Sean Arkley to get water/sewer bills out. A General Fund balance and a financial update will be available for the next Board meeting.

Bills to be paid: Comcast $161.74; Excel Energy $693.45; $110.22; $13.27. The Invoice for Julia Robinson will be held until the Mayor returns. Richard Caldwell made motion to approve bills as listed, Christian Frey seconded the motion which passed with a vote of 5-0-0.

Public Comment: Shane Shamel from the CNS Railroad Society, a new non-profit organization, appeared with several of its members to get an idea from the Board how the Town of Silver Plume might feel about a proposal to restore the Caboose outside the Town Hall. They believe its state of disrepair to be an emergency and would like to have it moved indoors at the railroad building before winter where restoration work could begin. The Board agreed the Town would be interested in the idea, they would all like to see it be restored. Mr. Shamel asked the Board to grant them access to the Caboose so they could document its condition and provide a written proposal for the next Board meeting, which should include information and background on their organization and general outline of their plan . Claudia Cupp made the motion to allow access for documentation purposes, Richard Caldwell seconded the motion which passed with a vote of 5-0-0.

Cemetery Maintenance Fund: Kris McCully explained that she was the Sexton for the Silver Plume Cemetery. She located an Ordinance which outlines the requirements of the Sexton to keep a registry of the cemetery activities. There are also reporting requirements to Clear Creek County Records office. In the past Rick Gaubatz was the Sexton and may have records pertaining to where graves are located. Christian Frey explained there were two large headstone pieces of granite at the town’s shop which need to be removed. The Town Clerk will contact Rick Gaubazt and attempt to locate the Sexton’s Book if one exists. Kris McCully and the town clerk will set up files and research the Ordinance.

Kris McCully informed the Board that the $100 balance in the Cemetery Fund was absorbed by the bank for monthly maintenance fees; in a year the balance had been exhausted. Claudia Cupp made a motion to close any existing separate account at the bank and to earmark the funds within the General Fund, Rick Caldwell seconded the motion which passed with a vote of 5-0-0. Christian Frey then made the motion to restore the $100 balance in the Cemetery Fund, Richard Caldwell seconded the motion which passed with a vote of 5-0-0.

Update on Cleaning Town Shop: Christian Frey explained several voluteers had helped and a 20 yard dumpster of trash had been hauled away, any charges for the dumpster could be taken out of scrap proceeds. They found about a dozen items like hydrants from old firetrucks and electrical items which they believe would be more valuable if auctioned off than if scraped as metal. There are 5 fire hydrants in Rick Gaubatz’ yard which contain scrap to go in the load. Sean Frey was present in the audience, he has been volunteering his time to clean out the shop, he noted there were “as build” plans that still need to be located and would show 38 fire hydrants in Town. He said only 30 had actually been replaced, need to know the whereabouts of other new hydrants. Also to be located are a twin screw air compressor, which has a title; and a snow plow that was donated to TOSP by Clear Creek County.

Lead time is needed for the auction so everything can go at one time as they only do them once a month; Stormy will haul the load down. Michael Frey will get a list of the items to the clerk. The Town Clerk will contact Rick Gaubatz regarding the scrapping of the fire hydrants from his yard.

Methodist Church: Sarah Walen wanted Board members to think about the maintenance issues at the church. It will be listed on the next agenda.

PUBLIC HEARING: THE GREEN SOLUTION, LLC., 645 Water Street, Silver Plume, CO.

Mayor Pro Tem Sarah Walen called the public hearing to order at 8:05 p.m. The applicants were present as well as the current owner of the above property. Richard Caldwell explained that the notice requirements for the public hearing were not met for action on tonite’s agenda. However, a notice could be posted on Town Hall directly following this meeting to continue the public hearing on the application to Tuesday, August 5, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. Todd Hennis, the owner of the Buckley Store, indicated he was waiting to close with the applicants until the vote on approval of the license is done. Board members Claudia Cupp and Brady Becker both objected to numerous special meetings being held regarding this matter. The applicants, Kyle and Eric Speidell, thanked the Board for their time noting it had been a long process and they appreciated their efforts to help bring employment opportunities and revenue to the Town. They announced a job fair October 4-5 for local applicants. Christian Frey made a motion to allow applicants to hang a temporary banner such as “opening soon” or “employment opportunities” on the existing sign on the property until October 5th, Richard Caldwell seconded the motion which passed with a vote of 5-0-0.

Richard Caldwell made a motion to close the public hearing and continue it until Tuesday, August 5, 2014, at 7:00 p.m., Christian Frey seconded the motion which passed with a vote of 5-0-0.

Follow Up Clerk/Bookkeeper Position: Sarah Walen will draft a letter, Tammy will get sent out.

Process to Hire Town Maintenance Position: Board members agreed an ad with job description needs to get posted for the position, will be listed on next Board agenda.

Colorado State Forest Service Cooperator Resource Rate Form: Rick Gaubatz has been the Town’s designee in past years as a volunteer. He submitted the designation form for the next period. As a voluteer he needs a municipality to endorse him as he responds to emergencies under FEMA. By endorsing him the Town of Silver Plume receives a percentage of what he is paid under such a response. The Board members agreed they need more information before voting on designation. Christian Frey will contact Kelly Babeon or the Chief in Evergreen to inquire about the details. The Clerk will list on the next agenda. Claudia Cupp asked if the Town had asked Clear Creek County about the possibility of donating Kelly’s white truck to the Town of Silver Plume.

Previous Meeting Minutes: Sarah Walen and Sean Arkley will get together with regard to the minutes which need to get done.

Richard Caldwell made a motion to adjourn, Michael Frey seconded the motion which passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tammy A. Sanford, Town Clerk