CALL TO ORDER:  Mayor Lee Berenato called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Board Members present:  Richard Caldwell, Sarah Walen, Christian Frey, Michael Frey.  Claudia Cupp and Brady Becker were absent.  Also present in the audience were Joseph Feiccabrino the local Republican Party Precinct Chairman and Jerry Haskins Sextant of the Cemetery.

Agenda Approval:  Christian Frey made a motion to approve the Agenda, Michael Frey seconded the motion which passed 5-0-0.

Bill Payment/Financial Review:  List of bills attached to the Minutes.  Sarah Walen made a motion to approve the list of bills presented with the exception of the $259.05 to GMS Engineers, Christian Frey seconded the motion which passed 5-0-0.

PUBLIC COMMENT:  Joseph Feiccabrino asked about a County ballot question re:  transfer station.  Jerry Haskins said his family recently purchased 17 plots in the cemetery and he was trying to acquire an old book to serve as the Sextant Book.

Report of the Mayor: The Mayor reported he and some of the board members had met with Earl Ballard two Saturdays ago to go over the sewer project; the total of the project is around $900,000 to deal with the most pressing problems downtown and the Jedele sewer line to Jefferson Street.  The grant proposal will also be to cover compliance in Brooklyn Heights to 8” sewer collection lines; our efforts with zinc issues will put us at top of list for funding considerations.  We will also be installing a monitoring station to measure the outflow from the bottom of the road at the railroad rather than all the way down in Georgetown.
The Mayor noted that Georgetown may let us borrow a piece of equipment to get some road work done in the next couple of weeks.  Jerry Haskins added the roads needed to be crowned from the edges toward the center for drainage.

Action Agenda:

Wildfire Mitigation Plan:  Frank Young was present to discuss the Wildfire Mitigation Plan for the Town of Silver Plume being worked on by himself, Fred Lyssy, Rick Gaubatz, Bill Gorsky and John Chapman.  They are wanting to distribute the plan for review by the town and the public for comments then a public hearing could be held with an approval at that same meeting.  The Town Clerk can post on the website and distribute to anyone who requests it and will try to locate the list of emails provided by interested citizens in the past.  Mr. Young noted to the Board that the Town does have forest lands (noted in purple on BLM map) with power and communication transmission lines to consider in the plan; and Georgetown’s Plan goes to the east edge of the Silver Plume Cemetery.  The Board thanked Frank Young and scheduled the public hearing tentatively at the January 12, 2015 Board of Trustees meeting.

Town Maintenance Position- The Mayor reported he had been on the KGOAT radio told people applications would be accepted through Monday, October 13, 2014.  The clerk will schedule interviews with Sarah Walen, Richard Caldwell and the Mayor this week, as soon as possible.
CDOT Request for locates:  The water and sewer manholes will need to be marked prior to the road work and the fiber optics installations will only be about 24” deep.  If more correspondence is received from CDOT it will be forwarded to the Mayor.

CIRSA Town Property Inspection Survey:  The Mayor met with Cristine Bartle from CIRSA she was most impressed with the cleaned out condition of the Town Shop.  The other items on the list were minor maintenance issues and can be taken care of quickly by the new maintenance person.

Introduction of Ordinance Re:  New Development Moratorium:  Richard Caldwell made a motion to introduce this ordinance for discussion, Christian Frey seconded the motion.   Richard Caldwell explained this ordinance would amend the zoning code; and before this is done the Board needs to resolve that they need a moratorium on new development in town, noting the zoning update currently in progress will address our issues and this moratorium is temporary for six months.  The Board of Trustees will need to appoint the Planning Commission as the “Zoning Board” and they will then make recommendations to the Board of Trustees public hearing.  That Planning/Zoning Board is Lee Berenato, Richard Caldwell, Brady Becker, Shea Whitney, Harry Heilmann and Jeremy Czyzyk.  The Board appointed Tammy Sanford to fill the Administrative seat left vacant by Zahna Smith on the Board as well.
Richard Caldwell will provide the clerk with a notice of public hearing for November 10th for posting and publication.

Budget Committee:  The committee will be Lee Berenato, Sarah Walen, Christian Frey and Brady Becker.  The clerk will provide an electronic copy of the 2014 Budget to the Board members.  The first meeting will be next Sunday at 2 pm to get started.  The Budget needs to be certified by December 5th.

Town Clerk Update:  (A copy attached to Minutes)
Water/sewer billing was mailed out on time with the same seven meters still not reading;
November Election: no comments received on ballot questions, County Clerk mailing out ballots on October 14th;
Georgetown/Silver Plume Wastewater Treatment Commission will be meeting Thursday, October 16th at 9am in Georgetown, the Mayor and the clerk will attend.
Road & Bridge metal scrap total:  $1,931.20
Water has been turned off in the park, thank you to Tim Hamid;
Halloween Party notice posted for Saturday, November 1st, donations and questions please call Cindy Condon.
The Town Hall roof has been leaking where the stovepipe comes in;

Approval of Minutes:  September 8, 2014:  Michael Frey made the motion to approve the Minutes of the September 8, 2014 meeting Sarah Walen seconded the motion which
passed 5-0-0.
September 22, 2014:  Richard Caldwell noted under the ordinance discussion the first sentence should be deleted.  To begin with “The ordinance being considered….”.  Michael Frey made the motion to approve with the amendment Sarah Walen seconded the motion which passed 4-0-1 with Christian Frey abstaining.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Tammy A. Sanford
Town Clerk