MONDAY, JULY 13, 2015
CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Pro Tem Sarah Walen called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
Board Members present: Richard Caldwell, Brady Becker, Christian Frey and Claudia Cupp. Michael Frey and Mayor Lee Berenato were absent. Also present in the audience: Joseph Feiccabrino, Jr., Alicia Wood, Black & Veatch/Verizon, Kristan McCully, Ted Parker, Scott Shafer, Paul Winkle & Boyd Wright from CPW, Charles Schwab, Lloyd Culp, Joanne Sorensen from Clear Creek County, Gebhard Buggel, Sherrie Wilson & Robert Graham.
Agenda Approval: Christian Frey made the motion to approve the agenda with Kathleen Smith to be moved to the next meeting agenda Claudia Cupp seconded the motion which passed 5-0-0.

Public Comment: Scott Shafer presented the Board with a flyer for the 2nd Annual Road & Bridge Fundraiser with a proposed date of Saturday 8-22-15; discussion of the details to be on the next agenda.
Kristan McCully expressed concern about the culvert at the flume where water enters to flow down the hill; it is running very swift right now but perhaps a grate could be installed there to prevent children or animals from getting caught in there during high water; she also noted that with the CDOT improvements planned for our area of the highway the sound wall is looking in a state of disrepair and maybe other improvements could be done by them during their project.
Bill Payment/Financial Review: Xcel Energy $22.69 shop; $88.52 town hall; $376.03 streetlights; Town of Georgetown $7,439.13 June 2015 wwtreatment; Tammy Sanford $247.95 petty cash; WQCP $1531.50 June Water Plant; Blackwell Oil Co. $17.66 fuel; Caselle $115 w/s software support; Comcast $139.30; Sears $574.44 lawnmower & weed eater; J. Fitzgerald $100; Postmaster $287; SullivanGreenSeavey $16.50; Clear Creek Fire Authority $2,462.25 3rd qtr; CIRSA $2,820.25 2nd qtr Prop/Casualty, $909 Work Comp; Total: $17,147.22; Christian Frey made the motion to approve the bills Richard Caldwell seconded the motion which passed 5-0-0.

Fish Removal Colorado Parks Wildlife – Paul Winkle and Boyd Wright, Conservationists from the Colorado Parks Wildlife office appeared inform the Board about their project the kill and remove the existing trout and other fish in Dry & Herman Gulches above Bakerville off I-70. They explained they will be introducing a chemical in the two tributaries which will kill the fish there and then an antidote will be put in at the confluence with Clear Creek. They will then reintroduce the native greenback cutthroat trout to the two streams; they are the only native fish in the Colorado River Basin and have been isolated as a subspecies therefore having intrinsic value having survived there for over 8000 years. They provided a packet of information on the chemicals they plan to use and answered numerous questions. The project is planned for August this year; they already have a permit from the EPA and their emergency response plan is in place. Joanne Sorensen from Clear Creek County was present and said they started the process at the County about a year ago but Silver Plume did not have a representative at the UCCWA meetings. They will keep us up to date on the project. The Board thanked everyone for coming up to the meeting.

Ordinance 341-Land Use Code Amendment-Richard Caldwell explained that the Land Use Code was adopted with a height limit on telecommunications towers of 35 feet when it was adopted it was actually their intention to approve the height limit at 80 feet, it was an oversight.
Alicia Wood of Black & Veatch representing Verizon-was present to talk to the board about an upcoming application submission for such a tower; for about a year now she had been in contact with Richard Caldwell regarding our new regulations, she waited through the moratorium and is now ready to submit her application to the Town. She expressed the desires of her engineers who would like to see provisions for 100 foot tower which may reduce the need for additional tower locations in the future. Ms. Wood presented pictures showing both 80 & 100 foot towers on the existing location which is 85 Water Street formerly known as the Roundhouse Restaurant.
Brady Becker indicated that as provided for in our new code a third party consultant should be hired to explore putting the tower on the mountain out of town and we can require a height evaluation at their expense. He said he does like his cell phone but does not want to see 80 foot towers in Silver Plume. Claudia Cupp felt that the backed up traffic on the highway definitely has an effect on our internet in Town or lack thereof. Christian Frey felt that Verizon had already done their due diligence and should be allowed to proceed. Ms. Wood said she could bring in the RF engineers to explain the strength of signal and strength of coverage to the Board. Christian Frey noted the proposed tower is on the west edge of town in the only zoning district where it is allowed and it is a special use in that district, the other regulations in the LUC that “pretty” it up are a debate for the Zoning/Planning Board. Brady Becker said once again that he would like to have a third party review process.
Claudia Cupp made the motion to propose a text amendment to the Land Use Code to provide an 80 foot height limit for telecommunications towers to be referred to the Zoning/Planning Board for a recommendation Christian Frey seconded the motion which passed 5-0-0.
The Board agreed that Ms. Wood could submit her application at any time and the considerations can take place concurrently.

Resolution 2015-03 A RESOLUTION TO SET WATER & SEWER RATES FOR CALENDAR YEARS 2015 & 2016. “A RESOLUTION ESTABLISHING RATES FOR WATER & SEWER SERVICE FOR THE USERS IN THE TOWN OF SILVER PLUME, COLORADO, BEGINNING JULY 1, 2015.” The Clerk explained the proposed increase of $6.50 per month ($49.50 to $56.00/month) to the sewer equivalency rate was necessary to comply with the intergovernmental agreement with the Town of Georgetown; other factors to the increase include the bio-solids project at the Georgetown Wastewater plant and the incremental increases agreed to under the Town’s debt service obligations for construction of the new drinking water treatment plant. Richard Caldwell made the motion to approve Resolution No. 2015-03 Christian Frey seconded the motion which passed 5-0-0. The new rate is effective with the July billing.
Marty Gitlin Frontage Road Safety – Mr. Gitlin appeared to make the Board aware of the speeding traffic on the frontage road, especially when the interstate is backed up going either direction. Many dogs have been run over and he does not want to see a person killed. He had already contacted the Sheriff’s office and they would be willing to position a Sheriff’s Office radar trailer on the frontage road if the Board of Trustees would formally request it. The Board directed the Town Clerk to write the letter. Other ideas for solving the problem include taking down license information, taking pictures of speeding cars and turning them in to the sheriff’s office so people know we are serious. Maybe CDOT could be asked to provide us with a very large 25 mph sign as a part of the paving projects coming up.
Mr. Gitlin also reported he had seen a healthy moose on the east bound entrance ramp at Bakerville early one morning last week.

Kathleen Smith, 510 Main St – A letter will be written expressing the Board’s disappointment with her absence this evening. Her attendance at the July 27th meeting will be mandatory to prevent further action toward shutting off her service.

Town Maintenance Position – Three applications were received by the deadline. The hiring committee will be Richard Caldwell, Christian Frey and Sarah Walen; the interviews will be scheduled as soon as possible.
Committee Reports – Christian Frey reported that the Emergency Services District was spending money on equipment upgrades, etc. He will have a report at the next meeting. He also had been in contact with Phil Buckland regarding an old motor grader which was used by Everist on Berthoud Pass it has been parked for a few years but was running when they parked it there he will go look at it. When we get the roto millings we will need to do compaction he will get in contact with the CDOT contractor.
Minutes of the June 22, 2015 meeting – Christian Frey made the motion to approve the Minutes as presented Brady Becker seconded the motion which passed 4-0-1 with Sarah Walen abstaining.
Town Clerk Update – The Clerk reported that the CIRSA renewal for 2016 had been submitted with almost all of the information the same as 2015; J. Czyzyk had purchased the lawnmower and a weed eater and cut the grass at the park and the Methodist Church, trimmed pine branches at the church and cleaned up the town hall lawn for the 4th of July; Karen Hickey, Ted & Gerri Holmes, Ann & Chuck Jedele (thank you for the flowers and garden work) and Ted Parker repaired the gazebo, cleaned the rocks out of the grass at town hall and are working on the bandstand for the Town Birthday party; a letter went out with June w/s bills to property owners about non reading meters-Ted Parker will be going down the list to do repairs to wires and get them reading this month.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Tammy A. Sanford
Town Clerk